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Benefits of Carpet Skates

Carpet Skates are great for both children and adults with disabilities and rehabilitation needs. They have been used as tools by Special Needs Teachers, Pediatric Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, and Adaptive Physical Education Teachers. Carpet Skates have benefited people with the following disabilities: Autism, Attention Deficit Disorder, Cerebral Palsy, Downs Syndrome, and people re-learning how to walk or work on stability.

* Gliding movement increases balance, stability, muscle tone, coordination, and motor skills

* Dramatic improvements in behavior when used as an incentive in classrooms

* Children motivated to learn how to strap over shoes

* Helped manage interferring behaviors such as swearing, jumping up out of the seat, hand flapping and toe walking

* Increased eye contact

* Increased trunk rotation in normally rigid individuals

* General fitness levels

*Can be used at home as child/ parent therapy

* Great alternative to sliding on paper plates, etc..

Carpet Skates Product Details

Carpet Skates are plastic sliders that securely fasten under athletic shoes with a Velcro strap. Once, the skates are hooked under the shoes, they create a gliding sensation on carpet, comparative to socks on a hardwood floor- with more control. They have stabilizing ridges on the bottom front of the skate discouraging use on hardwood floors and controlling the overall gliding process on carpet. Carpet Skates are great for both children and adults and are made one-size-fits-all up to a size 15 shoe. Great for rainy days and their easy portability is perfect for travel.


Click here to read the "Tools for Disabilities Press Release"

Click here to read the "Carpet Skates for Rehab Press Release"


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